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Site lunch offer limited time only

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Realdealers.Website’s offer

we lunch a BRAND NEW Realdealers.Website low membership site for all online buyer or SELLER from worlds.
membership cost very low $100 per year only.
you will get 1 customize blog site from where you can promote your products. any product can be PROMOTED but no illegal product ALLOWS PROMOTING. by using our site you must agree with our terms and policy otherwise can leave our site permanently.
your blog can be made by you name say my name is Bhabotosh so I can get a blog with my name www.bhabotosh.realdealers.website or if your name Cherish then it can be start from your name.
you don’t need to hire a professional designer TO DECORATE your site or not need to buy domain name and hosting account, not to share any % from your sales, not need to remember renew time etc. our site is powered by word press theme so you know well how famous the name is.
if you sale photo/image then you can make 1 site for your photography and describe briefly about your every image also you can share your article and image with social network friends, if you are a author then can promote your e-books from here, can sale anything directly to you client.
Buyer can come to meet photographer or any freelancer to work for him or her.
you can request your sellers to modify product price if want to buy bulk quantity.
and here we not stop we will give you more opportunity to earn and save money.
users from our site can promote affiliate links to make some extra cash. Or can promote ads from any networks.
our main site not ACCEPTS any ads network but sponsored ads are welcome as ad space are limited.
to know more keep rolling Your eyes in our blog.
we are not responsible for any product damage or corrupt or any error when download occurred please contact seller when you face any problem. Our site not INVOLVES any types of scam so it’s a seller responsibility take care about your buyers and handle any complain quickly.

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